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Core Training to Improve Your Golf Game

The increased focus on core training among athletes hasnt been overlooked by the golf world. Competitors in the PGA Playoffs (such as Tiger Woods, Paul Casey, Robert Karlsson, Dustin Johnson, and Zach Johnson) look more like athletes than ever before.

From a training standpoint, golf performance is largely dictated by rotational power. To some extent, improving performance is as much about removing barriers as it is about improving capacity. In other words, in order to fully express your rotational power, its necessary to develop full range of motion in hip and thoracic spine rotation, which most people are lacking, and to build core strength to transfer force from the hips to the sho

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How This Private-Aviation Training Agency Takes Service to New Heights

Steffany Kisling never expected to get into the rarified world of private aviation. I grew up with meager means. Even a commercial flight was a luxury, she points out.

Today Kisling, a former cabin attendant on flights and yachts, is the founder of a business that specializes in extravagance: San Francisco-based SkyAngels, which trains ber-cabin attendants to see to every need of the famous or wealthy who fly high on private planes.

Kisling launched the company in 2010, when recruitment for her first training class (now called SkyAcademy) netted applications

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Mobile phones keep getting smarter

I look forward to the first week of January with a Christmas-like giddiness as I await the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I've never been to the show, but anxiously sift through the coverage by others about the hottest new things in the world of hot new things.

The CES is gadget heaven and this year is no exception.

There are booths full of driverless cars, complete with fullscreen video so you can watch your favorite streaming TV show while no one drives home. There are rows upon rows of fitness devices including the smartest shoes seen since Marty McFly stepped o

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Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization on HubPages

Choosing a Topic

__________Write about content that doesn't exist or has little coverage. Its very difficult to rank high for topics that have already garnered millions of articles. Your goal should be to find your own niche topics. By niche, I dont mean topics that get no interest. Youre looking for topics that are searched yet dont have much competition. (See Keywords/Keyphrases)

__________Write about topics that are evergreen. For example, if you are writing a review that compares two new cameras, you might get quite a bit of traffic for several months, perhaps even a year or two. This isnt really an evergreen topic though, because its not likely to be something somebody wi

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How to Look for Cheap Wheels

Vehicle maintenance requires individuals to shell out money. But at this times when bread is hard to come by, such expenses can be too painful on the pocket. Good thing there are alternatives when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Take for example cheap wheels.Designing With Frameless Glass

Frameless glass can be an absolutely beautiful way to decorate your home and bathroom. One of the most popular uses of frameless glass is in lieu of a shower curtain. You can wall in your shower with beautiful frameless glass. There are many benefits to frameless glass as a decorating technique. First of all, it is easy to clean. If

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Harris Mattson, Premier DUI Attorney, New Member of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys

Harris Mattson careers in criminal justice field of Belfast, Mainewas recently granted Membership into the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys after the Association confirmed that hehas the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases.

The American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys has compiled information from Judges, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors (the Top DUI Prosecutors in each State), DUI Prosecutors, current Law Enforcement Officers, former Law Enforcement Officers, and DUI Defense Attorneys to determi

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When You Want Safety First In Doing Pest Control Of Mice

You want to rid your home, barn, farm equipment and other areas of mice. What is the best way to do this? There are plenty of products and traps available to do the job, but not all of them are safe.

Seal Gaps

It's amazing how mice can squeeze themselves into tiny little gaps to get into your house. By "tiny" I mean the size of a dime. That's right, a mouse can wriggle through an opening this small!So your first step to get rid of mice naturally is probably the hardest: finding and sealing every gap this size in your home's exterior.

Seal any gaps you find with caulk, stuffing stain